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Will waiting to buy a home COST you more? by Casey Serafino-Lee

Were you thinking about selling and buying another house, or buying a house  for the first time and you said to yourself “I’ll hold off buying a home until next year.”

Hi, I’m Casey Serafino-Lee, Hayward Area Realtor and neighbor and I’m here to tell you that it is a pretty common tendency to hold off things on our to-do list, ESPECIALLY the ones that seem like a lot of work, like buying a house. But would you hold off the task if I told you that WAITING could make a difference of tens of THOUSANDS of dollars? Meaning it could cost you a $10,000-$50,000 (or more) difference to get the home you want today, in 2019’s market.

It’s anticipated, by the national historical trend report, that homes are on the rise by over 5% each year. That house you’ve been eyeing online, listed for $600,000, could be listed next year for $630,000. That is over $30,000 more just for waiting till 2019. This isn’t even bringing into question the rising ‼️ APR rates for mortgages, that can increase your monthly payment amount on a  home pretty significantly, as well.

I get it , the home buying process can seem pretty intimidating. But with an experienced agent on your side, it can actually go pretty smoothly. Let’s get in touch. It won’t hurt to connect you with a preferred lender  and run the numbers through to see what you qualify for.

The right time is always right now, I want to help you save the money  you deserve to keep, by avoiding the wait.


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