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Home Sellers, Get the Maximum Value for Your Home by Casey Serafino-Lee

Every homeowner want to maximize their profit when selling their home.   But how can you guarantee you get the most value when selling?

Hi, I’m Casey Serafino-Lee,  Area (Castro Valley, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Union City) Realtor and neighbor and here are two ways to ensure you get the most value for your home when you are ready to sell.

First price it a little low. Sounds counter intuitive right? Most homeowners think that pricing their home a little over the market will leave room for negotiations. Well, in actuality, the higher the price of the home, the less people will be able to look at it and lessens the demand of the home. Sellers, instead of trying to win the negotiations with more than one buyer and try to price your home a little lower so the demand is maximized.  By doing this, instead of negotiating with only one buyer, you can have multiple buyers  fighting over the house.

Second, use a Realtor. Most sellers think they will save money by avoiding a real estate commission . With that being said, studies have shown that homes sell for more money when handled by a real estate professional.

So, bottom line, price your home a little low or at Fair market value AND hire a professional. 

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