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Buyers…You Can Get MORE Money NOW! by Casey Serafino-Lee

Buyers, You Can Get More Money Now!

Imagine having an extra $47,000 dollars towards purchasing a home!

Hey neighbors, this is Casey Serafino-Lee, Realtor to my Hayward friends and neighbors.  So, guess what?  Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac recently announced that they are raising the federal loan limits for conforming loans from $679 thousand to $726 thousand.  That’s $47 thousand more in spending power for home buyers.  That is a bonus for buyers!

Sellers this means that MORE buyers will be available AND able to purchase your home.   That is great news, right?



📲 We have so many people contacting us who are moving here to the San Francisco East Bay and we ABSOLUTELY love it!  Honestly, if you are moving about the Bay Area, relocating here, or moving out of the Bay😥 , we can make that transition so much easier on you!  Contact us early in the game!!


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