Community February 7, 2019

Community Conversations: DACA Citizenship with Casey Serafino-Lee

– Are you not a United States Citizen? I’m Casey Serafino-Lee, Realtor, and I like to bring topics to my community about things that interest them and today we’re gonna be talking about DACA and today I also have Waqas Younes with us with AW Law Firm, and I’d like to ask you a couple of questions if that’s okay?

– Sure.

– Okay, Great. So, who is classified as DACA in the United States and how did they get here?

– Yeah, well the DACA actually, especially for the undocumented children who came to United States with their parents and their status was illegal.

– Okay, Great. So who created DACA, and then do these citizens have an option to become United States citizens?

– Well, the DACA which was really announced in the Obama administration in June 2012 but unfortunately there is no pathway to get a citizenship through DACA.

– Okay, so are DACA citizens currently at risk for deportation?

– Oh yes, yes, this is a big big chance to deportation, yes.

– Okay, all right, so under Trump’s current proposal for the three-year extension, what does this accomplish and is there a path that DACA citizens can follow in order to get US citizenship legally?

– What I said previously, no. See DACA never offered for the pathway for the citizenship the completion is only if the current administration actually allow the extension for three years then the only thing is that the DACA citizen would get the work permit, but not public residence.

– Okay, so what is the ultimate outcome of this program that they have right now?

– Well like I said, the ultimate outcome is only to undocumented children or young adults will get the work permit, and that’s it.

– Okay, great. Thanks everyone for joining me. I’m Casey Serafino-Lee, and again I wanted to bring this topic to our community. Thank you for joining me.


Community Conversations: DACA Citizenship with Casey Serafino-Lee