Community February 7, 2019

Community Conversations: H1-B Visa with Casey Serafino-Lee

– Are you not a citizen of the United States, but maybe you’d like to be, and you have an H1-B Visa? Today we’re gonna be talking about that H1-B Visa and I have Waqas Younes.

– Thank you very much for having me.

– Thank you for coming. And he is with AW Law Group. So, I have a couple of questions for you about the H1-B Visa. So, who would be a good candidate for this Visa?

– Well, any foreign national who have an offer from the employer for the United States and having a bachelor degree or higher degree is a very good candidate to apply for the H1.

– Okay. So, how long is the Visa good for, and is there an extension to this time frame?

– Yeah, usually, you would get three years approval Visa for the non-immigrant, temporary work Visa.

– Okay.

– And it would be extendable for three years so the total time is six years.

– Okay, so is there a pathway to United States Citizenship with this H1-B Visa?

– Oh yes, certainly, yes.

– Okay, great. So once the employee becomes a legal citizen, can they sponsor their family to bring them and also chain by immigration?

– Yes, certainly, yes. But first, I missed the part that– First part, if they agree to apply for the neighbor certification then they can go and apply for the green card, then they get their citizenship. And the second dual question was, either he can apply for the children or the spouse or sibling, yes. Once, you become a citizen your under 18 children automatically become a citizen.

– Okay, great.

– And if you apply for your spouse– So yes, normally the people apply together as in each one there is for, apply together. If the spouse is outside the United States, yes you can apply for your spouse, it’s going to take one year, same like in your pairs, apply for the one year, and if you want for the sibling, like sister and brother, you’re going to take 10 to 14 years.

– Okay, great. Thank you so much for joining us today! And thank you for watching my community videos. If you need immigration lawyer, I can hook you up with Waqas, give me a call. Thank you so much for joining us today!




Community Conversations: H1-B Visa with Casey Serafino-Lee