Community February 7, 2019

Community Video – Citizenship through Investment by Casey Serafino-Lee

Casey – Are you not a United State’s citizen, but maybe you would like to develop that pathway through investment properties? Today, we’re gonna be talking about the EB-5 Visa. And today, I have Waqas with us today from AW Law Group. Thanks for coming today.

Waqas – Thank you very much for having me.

Casey – So, I have a couple questions for you about the EB-5 Visa. So can you give the audience a brief description on the purpose of this program?

Waqas – Yeah, EB-5 is a foreign investor visa. It was basically announced in 1990 by the Federal Government to bring the foreign investor capital in the United States. And with that reward, if you invest or invest the money, then eventually you’re gonna get the permanent residence.

Casey – Okay, great. So what are the main qualifications of this program?

Waqas – Well, there is no main qualification. There is two areas. Number one, if you invest $500,000 in the targeted area. The targeted area means really highly unemployment area. The second is $1,000,000 you can invest anywhere in the United States.

Casey – Okay, great. So how long does this process take? And then, what is the cost? Although, you did say the cost in there.

Waqas – Well, the time is– normally the time is 12 to 24 months, but if you talk about the real estate kind of thing. So then the first type is the five months, six months. Then you can place an offer for your commercial areas of the investment for your client.

Casey – Okay.

Waqas – In general I would say that it is 12 to 24 months, but the cost is very dependent on the cost. I cannot say what the exact cost is. And sometime the Federal Government fee cost sometimes vary and fluctuate and change costs.

Casey – Okay, great. And so what is the ultimate outcome of this Visa?

Waqas – The ultimate outcome, there is two ultimate outcomes. The first, is to bring the foreign investors capital.

Casey – Mm hmm.

Waqas – And invest in the United States. And the second thing is the path way to get the citizenship.

Casey – Okay, great. Thanks for joining me today. I’m Casey Serafino-Lee with Intero Real Estate. And if you need more information about investing in real estate, or to become a citizen, give me a call and I can put you in contact with AW Law Group. Thank you.




Community Video – Citizenship through Investment by Casey Serafino-Lee