Restaurants May 22, 2019

East Bay Tacos

East Bay Tacos

Happy May!  Since we are past Cinco De Mayo, I had a chance to try a bunch of taco places.  And boy was my tummy happy!

One of my favorite places to go to is Los Molcojates, in Castro Valley on Redwood Road.   We have been here numerous times. One time we were here pretty late and we saw some employees from another popular Mexican restaurant, with their uniforms on, ordering their food!  (I will not mention names for fear of scandal!)

My husband always gets the Molcojate as it is LOTS of delicious food.  I think it is waaaay too much for me.  It comes with an assortment of meat, seafood,  grilled veggies and cheese.  They provide tortillas and you make your own tacos.  But don’t forget to drizzle the juice at the bottom of the molcojate over this deliciousness!

I am a sucker for tacos.  I ALWAYS get different meat and different sauces when I try places.  I had the fish, pastor, chile verde and grilled chicken tacos. (see picture below).   I definitely judge places by their tacos and Los Molcojates does not disappoint!

Finally, what would a Taco be without a mexican drink?  My husband had a Chelada and I had a Margarita. Something about those drinks makes the tacos even better!  Of course we tried not to stuff ourselves on the delish salsa and guac while waiting for our dinners.

What’s your favorite Taco place in the East Bay?

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