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Closing Day on a House

Closing Day on a House

Today is the day! You are getting the keys to your new house! Or are You?

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If you are looking forward to getting your keys to the house, this means that you have:

1- Signed all the loan documents and disclosures. Also a myriad of other documents.

2- The escrow company has received your funding either from your loan or your cash that you have. This can be the cash from your house that you sold prior or your bank account.

3- The escrow company has dispersed the funds to the home seller. They have a check in hand and are moving on.

4- This is the most important part. The title has been recorded at the county recorders office. The title company will call and confirm this with the county and then let your real estate agent know. Now we can celebrate…or can we? Does this make sense? Think of cash for keys…If so, Comment below ↡

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