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Closing Day on A House | Can I Move In?

Closing Day on a House | Can I Move In?

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When you are have closing day on a house, there are a few different scenarios that can be.  They won’t be a surprise as you will know about this part in the negotiations. But I though this would be a good time to talk about it. 

  1.   The house can be empty and you can move right in!
  2.   Sometimes the sellers are still moving out and need a day or two.
  3.   Sometimes the sellers have asked for rent back.  Officially you are a landlord. This might be the case if a home seller has purchased another house, but their home isn’t ready.  This is typically not a long term situation. It is usually just for a few weeks or months. 

Now, lets just say that the home is empty like this home.  This is the most important thing that I tell my home buyers.  The sellers were not renters who had a cleaning deposit they were getting back.  I have seen homes that have been a disaster. Bits of garbage and the house needs a good cleaning.  There should not be any structural damage or holes in the wall. 

We do a walk though before the home closes to be sure that any repairs that were negotiated were done, appliances that were asked for are still there and that basically it is in the same condition as the day that we made the offer. 

So, again, don’t expect the house to be spotless.  You may need to plan a day of cleaning to your standards.  


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